Home Energy Management and the Sense Orange Box

What is the latest energy monitoring product for the home gathering steam? 

In the form of a small orange box installed inside your electrical panel, the Sense home monitoring tool measures how much energy is used by in-home appliances, equipment and furnishings.  Sense knows when your home appliances are on or off and measures the energy being used.  For the consumer, this is a powerful tool to take ownership of home energy management. The home energy management tool gives  a bird's eye view into how much energy is being used by things large and small, including  lamps, speakers and the fish tank, empowering the consumer to reduce costs associated with home energy use. 

In the palm of your hand

Once connected via app and hardware, the fun begins!  Sense intelligence learns what appliances, equipment and furniture in the home draws on energy and begins to monitor it.  Sense is capable of detecting both wifi and non wifi capable appliances.  A timeline is provided showing when appliances, garage doors, fans, even power strips are being used and how much energy is consumed.  Customers can now see trends in energy use and establish usage goals. 

How this orange box keeps the utility efficient and safe  

Using only what you need contributes to an efficient home and a more efficient utility.  As consumers save on their bill, the utility program administrators can meet energy use targets.  Consumers would have the ability to take a deeper look into when they are using energy during peak times and can make an informed decision on when to do larger energy consuming tasks, like loads of laundry. 

Insight into energy usage beyond the meter improves the utility's ability to understand and troubleshoot with 'high bill complainers'.  Seeing and showing where energy is being used in the home can create a path for opportunities to cut back.  Lastly, with such large sub-second level data, increased visibility in voltage awareness can improve safety efforts in real time. 

See Sense in action

Enjoy this brief demo video and see how Sense and Landis+Gyr are building a brighter future with next gen utility IoT solutions.  





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