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Apps for Your Meter

Electric meters have undergone a gradual transformation from measurement device to smart sensor ever since solid-state digital...

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Landis+Gyr and MircoEJ: Grid Edge Intelligence Application Ecosystem

Landis+Gyr’s technology partnership with MicroEJ will enable a platform and marketplace for customers to build and add apps –...

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Advancements in Distribution Intelligence, Part 3

For the rise in distribution intelligence to be fully utilized, devices and assets need the ability to communicate. Intelligent...

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Advancements in Distribution Intelligence, Part 2

As distribution grids continue to evolve, new equipment going into the field is either “smart” off the shelf or able to be...

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Layered Intelligence:  Providing the Right Intelligence, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Utility distribution systems (e.g. electric, water and gas) and smart cities are geospatially dispersed, spanning anywhere from...

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