Landis+Gyr and The History of The Meter

We no longer think twice about heat and hot water.  We expect that when we turn on the thermostat, the room will cool or heat. We expect that when we flick a switch, the lights will come on.

But how did we get here?

The evolution of the meter as we know it dates back to the 1800's.  This impossible idea of metered electricity was championed in the 1800's by the likes of Edison and Tesla who forged the path to the modern utility grid.  

The end of the 19th century brought us meter variations including the multi-tariff, maximum demand, prepayment and the Landis+Gyr maxi graph meters.  In 1934, Landis+Gyr developed the Tri-Vector meter measuring active and reactive energy and demand.  Remote metering was borne out of the 1960's lending way to circuit boards and electronic metering. Hybrid meters followed in the 1980's leading to today's digital signal and firmware evolution. 

Now, for over 120 years, since 1896, Landis+Gyr remains an industry leader in energy management solutions leading the field of advanced metering technology.  Where is metering taking us today?  Looking toward the future, the next gen of metering is firmly rooted in Gridstream Connect, an IoT networking solution ecosystem that bridges edge and central intelligence technologies paving the way for the highly connected smart city, smarter home and smart communities.  

Discover more about the meter's evolution in this video.  Discover more about Landis+Gyr here



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