Leading the Charge:  Landis+Gyr, Advanced Energy Economy, and California’s Pathway to 2050

Sacramento recently played host to Advanced Energy Economy’s (AEE) annual California energy policy event:  Pathway to 2050.  The opening keynote welcomed the assembled influential group of advanced energy industry leaders and state policy-makers.  Representing Landis+Gyr Sr. Vice President for Product Management and Marketing, Gary High, delivered the welcoming address on behalf of the AEE Board and Leadership Council.  In his remarks, Gary spoke on the importance of aligning with policy organizations committed to promoting advanced energy, and the role technology will play in California’s evolving energy economy. 

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California continues to be a leader in the development and use of advanced energy products and services.  Pathway to 2050 offered opportunities to network with others in the advanced energy industry as well as state policy-makers, who had gathered together in an effort to accelerate California's economy through advanced energy growth.

Pathway to 2050 included topics such as a clean grid, distribution resource management, media perspectives on energy and climate policy, workforce needs, the future of electric transportation, and much more.  It not only discussed policy, but also focused on technology, consumer engagement, and business models.

A key focus centered around how advanced technologies are evolving the utility grid.  As you can image, distribution resource management and energy storage are very important topics to California and the rest of the country.

With an increase in renewable generation requirements and rapidly-increasing customer adoption, utilities are placing more distributed resources onto their distribution systems.  As more distribution resources are being placed onto the grid, utilities must develop strategies to ensure they can safely maintain reliability and power quality in a more complex and distributed grid.

Additionally, energy storage is a powerful tool that can be used by electric utilities to increase grid flexibility and reliability. Given the increased use and implementation of energy storage, it is also difficult for utilities to ignore.

Landis+Gyr shares these same concerns and is helping the industry tackle challenges like distribution energy resource management, reliability and power quality, leveraging energy storage, extending utility value, and so much more.  We are enabling utilities to measure and control the way in which resources flow onto and off the utility network, building a more sustainable and efficient utility future.

Landis+Gyr is proud to be engaged with AEE, as the work accomplished by the association provides leadership and fosters Landis+Gyr’s own objective of helping the industry “manage energy better”.


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