Revelo Delivers More Intelligence at the Edge for Tomorrow's Grid

Renewable energy resources are the key to a more sustainable, green future, but they present a challenge for today’s electric grid. The traditional model of electric generation and distribution was a one-way street from the utility to the customer; however, consumer adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs) is creating more generation and distribution at the “grid edge,” which utility infrastructure was not designed to handle. The future of energy management requires a dynamic, evolving, and resilient grid that effectively harnesses data and insights from the grid edge to address this challenge.

How can utilities achieve this? Progress toward a more resilient grid lies behind the meter, at the grid edge.

A recent report by Guidehouse Insights recognizes Landis+Gyr's newest IoT grid-sensing electric meter, Revelo, for its ability to provide predictive analytics at the grid edge. The report, 3Q 2021 AI for DER Integration focuses on use cases and market trends for artificial intelligence (AI) in the management of DERs. “As DER penetration increases on a global scale, the complexity in managing its impact on networks also increases. Network operators will likely require real-time information streams and greater visibility into BTM assets to properly operate and plan the network. AI and ML are expected to play a large role in the transformation toward a more automated, dynamic, and distributed grid.”

The report cites Landis+Gyr as a key industry player in the OT (Operational Technology) Vendor and Solution Provider category, along with Oracle, GE and Schneider Electric.

“Combining edge computing and waveform data collection technologies, Revelo enables core grid and consumer side applications to enhance grid operations, improve customer engagement, and enable utilities to address conventional and emerging issues such as DER integration at the grid edge. Applications include load disaggregation, safety-based alerts, usage alerts, voltage regulation, reliability planning, and grid planning. Landis+Gyr offers a growing library of grid-edge applications from its partners and third parties in addition to a platform for utilities to develop their own applications."

Also noted in the report are the company’s strategic partnerships and recent acquisitions, “Landis+Gyr is engaged in several strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and investments to drive the ecosystem for smart energy management solutions. These include partnerships with Sense, a provider of devices and analytics to keep consumers informed on energy usage in their homes; Rhebo, a cybersecurity company for OT and IoT networks; True Energy, an EV charger aggregator for fast DR; and Etrel, a smart charging solutions provider. In late 2020, Landis+Gyr announced a long-term innovation partnership with Google Cloud to leverage smart metering, grid-edge intelligence, data analytics, AI, and ML for the energy industry.”

Learn more about our next generation IoT sensing meter, Revelo:

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