Track Your Home Energy Use with a Little Orange Box

Sense has developed the Sense Home Energy Monitor, a little orange box, that when installed, tells you more information about your energy home use than you can imagine.  With an app connected to your home wifi,  the tool 'learns' how much energy is used by not only your big appliances - fridge, washer/dryer - but energy used by smaller items like the printer, lamps, tv's and even heated floors.

Using technology similar to speech recognition software, the app listens to the electrical noise and learns what it means. As you walk through the home and intuitive meter shows where and how much energy is being used in the room.

Why is all this important? This tool translates your energy use to real dollars so you can save and manage your energy use better.   

How unbelievably easy is it to use? In this article written for Energy Central by Reuben Saltzman, Reuben tested the product and confesses "I installed one in my own home about a month ago, and it has quickly turned me and my wife into energy-use geeks."   Read about Joel's experience and discover what he says is the most powerful component inside the Sense tool here.  

Sense, in partnership with Landis+Gyr's Gridstream® Connect, the Next Generation Utility IoT platform, helps consumers gain greater visibility into and ownership of their energy use. Learn more about Gridstream Connect



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