Paving the Way for Utility’s Future with Energy and Capacity Optimization

Landis+Gyr has for the last 100+ years had a simple and consistent mission, to help energy utilities, customers, and society manage energy better. Grid complexity, financial pressures, policy mandates, increased customer expectations, and a changing workforce have all put additional strain on utilities and their ability to safely, reliably, and efficiently serve their customers. In response to these challenges, Landis+Gyr has purposefully designed a product portfolio to drive the evolution of the utility industry, and energy and capacity across a utility’s distribution network.


Landis+Gyr’s energy and capacity optimization solutions help utilities leverage real-time, granular sensing of energy usage for enhanced control of both the flow of energy and to deploy the full capabilities of an expanding pool of capacity resources. This diverse set of flexibly-deployed building blocks, has been designed to tackle the complexities of distribution systems, foster new relationships with utility customers, and build a technology foundation to swiftly adapt to new business models and opportunities.

Underpinning this strategy is Landis+Gyr’s connectivity platform, which provides utilities a digital platform for connecting, sensing, and controlling diverse sets of energy management assets and grid devices. With over 300M devices connected to our customer's networks, and operation of the largest utility IoT network in the world, Landis+Gyr is turning the potential of intelligent connectivity into actionable strategies for the world’s utilities.

Building on the strength of the connectivity platform, Landis+Gyr’s solution portfolio combines real-time measurement and control, with powerful analytics to improve grid planning and operations, and maximize the potential of integrated distributed resources such as photovoltaics, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Accurately sensing and verifying the flow of energy across their systems not only drives efficiency, but provides robust justification and business validation for utility investment decisions and regulatory compliance.

Beyond being connected, an efficient and flexible distribution grid requires active grid-side management of both energy and capacity and the ability to swiftly dispatch grid resources, such as energy storage, and demand-side programs to support reliability, asset deferral, power quality, and grid stabilization initiatives. To support these initiatives, Landis+Gyr leverages real-time data and powerful, utility-specific analytics to proactively improve grid planning and operations, determine asset life, optimize asset investments, prioritize reliability planning, integrate DERs, and preemptively address common causes of asset failures.

Beyond grid devices, customers are now a vital grid resource and for utilities, forging new relationships with customers is increasing critical as a resource management strategy. Landis+Gyr’s provides the tools and services needed to develop customer relationships to fully utilize the potential of customer demand management programs and consumer-owned generation and storage devices.

As a trusted utility partner, and a robust portfolio of energy solutions to address energy and capacity management, Landis+Gyr continues to lead the utility transformation, helping utilities build a more sustainable and efficient future that:

  • Transforms distribution networks into generation assets
  • Ensures a sustained relationship with utility customers, and
  • Extends the value of utility connectivity beyond simple energy

To learn more about Landis+Gyr’s energy and capacity optimization solutions, please visit us at booth #2413 at DistribuTECH, and visit us at


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