An IoT Platform for Evolving Utility Needs

The digitization of the utility network is well underway. Smart meters, advanced sensors, and automated grid devices have dramatically changed how utilities manage the flow of energy and the communication of data across their systems. This transformation will continue to the very edge of the grid. Many non-utility entities now provide smart home technologies to consumers connected to the utility distribution system. However, the utility is still responsible for maintaining a reliable, secure, and stable grid.

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Landis+Gyr has developed a communications platform to provide an intelligent utility network with consideration for interoperability and interchangeability needed to integrate these devices. This platform harnesses the full potential of distributed sensing for monitoring, management, and control of utility distribution grids, with extended applications in smart cities.

Building on over twenty-five years of experience in connecting utility devices, Landis+Gyr’s connected platform encompasses four fundamental characteristics: flexible communications, edge intelligence, standards-based interoperability, and security.

  • Best-fit technologies via flexible communications— Landis+Gyr’s Utility IoT solutions are bringing together multiple communications technologies to enable flexible and cost effective connectivity that meets the performance needs of the use case. Building on a history of integrating technologies such as IPv6 RF mesh, cellular, and powerline communications, Landis+Gyr continues to expand into a communications portfolio that is truly IoT, meeting the specific geographic and operational needs of each utility while adapting to changing consumer requirements and evolving business cases.
  • Grid flexibility via edge intelligence—As the grid evolves to integrate more distributed generation and adapt to demands for increased flexibility, localized decisions are quickly becoming a foundational element of the communications paradigm. Landis+Gyr is doing this today by providing sensing and distributed computing capabilities where it makes sense, reaching the farthest corners of the grid for improved reliability, efficiency, and consumer engagement applications. An ever-expanding library of distributed applications provide utilities with the ability to immediately realize the value of edge computing and to rapidly develop new use-case specific programs.
  • Utility Ecosystem of interoperable devices— The interoperable foundation of Landis+Gyr’s connected platform will ensure that utilities remain future ready to embrace these new business models. Harnessing the full potential of utility sensing, control, and edge intelligence devices requires seamless integration with a wide variety of partners. Landis+Gyr has deployed the largest Utility IoT network in the world, designed to connect over 27 million sensored premises, and fully leveraging well-adopted standards such as IPv6 and WiSUN. New partners are rapidly being added to Landis+Gyr’s larger partner ecosystem (which already boasts over 50 devices), expanding further with the emergence of new applications and use cases. Landis+Gyr’s partner ecosystem is designed to support continued growth as the volume of consumer-owned grid devices increases, and as new smart city programs such as street lighting and multi-utility use cases are supported by utility networks.
  • Security designed for critical infrastructure — The critical infrastructure managed by a utility has a unique set of security requirements given its foundational relationship to our economy and the well-being of the community. Ensuring resilience, outage containment, and swift downtime recovery requires a communications platform designed with the highest-available security standards, end-to-end protection of both utility and customer data, and utility specific process considerations.

Putting these pillars into practice, Landis+Gyr is currently connecting tens of millions of utility devices and processing over 1.3 billion data reads for our customers on a daily basis. The strength of our network platform allows utilities:

  • A robust means of fully leveraging their existing grid investments
  • Flexibility to efficiently and reliably address evolving utility challenges
  • A safe and effective communication of critical data for grid management, consumer engagement, and new utility service offerings.


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