3 Must Knows About the 320 Amp Disconnect

Reliable and safe remote disconnect capabilities for large homes? Yes – here’s how.

Although tiny homes have gained notoriety in recent years, average home size is still at a historical high, being about 1,000 square feet larger than homes in 19731, and as square footage continues to increase, energy usage grows as well. With the proliferation of electronic devices in the home and the increased adoption of electric vehicles (EV), utilities are faced with a growing number of homes that have larger electrical services that, unlike a typical 200 amp service, couldn’t be remotely connected or disconnected.

Now they can, with the introduction of Landis+Gyr’s FOCUS AXe-SD electric meter featuring a 320 amp disconnect switch.  The latest addition to the FOCUS AXe-SD family represents an industry-first solution to reliably and safely provide disconnect capability to residences with larger electrical services. This new feature presents a significant step forward in the industry as highlighted in three key areas:

  1. Founded on Robust, Proven Design

The new 320 amp disconnect switch employs the same field-tested motor driven, cam action disconnect/connect switch design of the existing 200 amp switch and is engineered to ensure the switch can safely provide remote disconnect capabilities to larger 320 amp electrical services.

  1. Field Tested Reliability

The 320 amp disconnect switch has been rigorously tested to confirm that it can reliably disconnect service for thousands of operations at full class current, ensuring it can support larger electrical services as well as emerging applications, such as EV charging stations in homes.

  1. Advanced Automation Support

The 320 amp disconnect switch supports multiple load-limiting options without the need of any additional hardware, allowing the meter to initiate disconnect when a specific power or average demand level is reached.

A Comprehensive Solution

Landis+Gyr’s FOCUS AXe-SD, configurable with either a 200 amp or a 320 amp (Form 2SE only) connect/disconnect switch, provides greater flexibility for serving a diverse customer base.

Learn more about the industry's first 320 amp disconnect switch and read the latest press release.

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