Our Green Team: Tara Murali, Product Manager


In observation of Women in Engineering Day on June 23, we are highlighting the female engineers throughout the month that are helping Landis+Gyr build a brighter energy future.

For Tara Murali, product manager, engineering is a way of life and a career path she dreamed of during her childhood. We recently connected with Tara to discuss how she chose her career path, how she feels the field has changed for women, and what advice she has for young women considering a career in STEM.

What is your current role?

“I work as a product manager in the Network and Communications group where I’m responsible for a suite of products. I consider myself the CEO of my product lines -- I manage the product roadmap and strategy, prioritize engineering efforts, track revenue targets, manage partnerships, and provide sales support.”

Where did your career in engineering begin?

“I finished my bachelor's in Industrial Engineering in India and moved to the US for my master’s in the same field. I worked part-time through my entire graduate program in an automotive company as a quality engineer. I had a few job offers after my graduation and decided to join Landis+Gyr due to my interest in the energy industry and its impact globally.”

What or who inspired you to become an engineer?

“My dad is an industrial engineer, and he is my hero. I grew up wanting to be just like him. Engineering is a mindset and a way of life for me. Engineers use a unique mode of thinking based on seeing everything as a system.”

Traditionally, engineering has been viewed as a male-dominated profession. As a woman in engineering, do you think this is still true?

“Engineering used to be a male-dominated profession. In both my bachelor's and master's programs, we had equal representation. I work as part of a team with an equal number of men and women doing the same job. If you still believe it’s a male-dominated profession, it's not going to be for much longer. It’s all cerebral and gender does not define how good of an engineer you are.”

What advice do you have for a young woman considering a career in STEM?

“Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are game-changers. If you pick a STEM career, the world is your oyster. You can contribute towards things like space science, artificial intelligence, renewables, and finding cures for infectious diseases. You can be a part of our technological history and build something that will live on forever. Let’s not let men decide what the future is going to look like without our contribution.”


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