Energy saving devices and programs spark big consumer savings

Soon, Long Island, NY customers will be able to reduce their bills by limiting their energy use during peak hours. This is made possible by the installation of advanced smart meter devices.  PSEG Long Island customers will be able to reduce their bills by an estimated 5-12% when they take part in an energy-saving program where they reduce their energy usage  during established peak-time hours.   Additionally, customers who drive EV's  will be eligible for additional rate options. 

Connected to smart meters, in-home Smart thermostats continue to have great potential for both consumers and utilities. As these devices find their way into more homes and become more accessible, it’s clear they are influencing how people perceive energy management, starting with their most energy-intensive appliances.  And, with IoT platforms like the SmartData Connect platform, consumers get the same view into their data as the utility, empowering them with clear visibility into their energy use. 

Learn more about PSEG's new time of use rate plans and other energy programs.



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